Game Launch Coming Soon

Hello guys! We apologize for letting you wait for so long time. Here we are very excited to announce Elder Chaos will be on sell on Oct. 28th on Itch. Players are able to purchase the complete game version with 4$ as an early discount price. Price will increase to 4.99$ after the first launch. The current official version has been altered a lot compared with demo. Alterations are as follows:

1.     Brand new contents in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 with 26 different passes

2.     A more strategic layout in map of Chapter 1

3.     More specific and vivid Investigator Diary and battle records

4.     A totally unlocked Stella Map, where players are able to light up the talents to significantly improve certain skills

5.     A large amount of English translation and presentation issues fixed

6.     New deity Azathoth and Yogsothoth added

7.     More balanced gaming experience after a complete numerical adjustment on servants and investigators

8.     More distinguished investigator skills

9.     More powerful Cthulhu creatures

10.  More game guidance

The official version will land on Steam on Nov. 1st. We are having a grand feast for players who love games in the next coming days! Come and join us!


Elder Chaos for 13 MB
Sep 18, 2017
Elder Chaos for Linux.tar 42 MB
Sep 18, 2017
Elder Chaos0.3.1.1.rar 126 MB
Sep 22, 2017

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