Ver. 0.11 Update

Hi guys, we’ve been tested on Demo Alpha for half a month. Thanks for all your supports and suggestions, here are the 


+ Add difficulty modes in every Elder Ones 
+ Add skills for fighters. Skills for other investigators will be update in the following versions. You can click avatar of investigators to check details of skills. 
+ Add skills for some monsters. Please check out those skills to beat down invesitgators.
+ Update investigators AI to improve game experience. 
+ Adjust game balance: resource numbers, investigator abilities, monster attributes. Sorry for the bad experience in Alpha version, hope it gets better this time. 
+ Improve UI. Clears marks such as level of facilities, fire marks, and paths between areas.  
+ Update tutorial to help you know game rules better
+ Update and improve skills of Older Ones. You will know how to use it when hovering mouse over the skill icon.  
We will keep working on the game, if you have any problems, please leave your comments or contact us via   



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Jul 14, 2017
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Jul 14, 2017

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