Demo ver0.2 Released

Hi guys, we’ve been tested demo alpha for a month. Thanks for your support and suggestions, the last test of Demo Alpha will be updated next week. Then we will ahead to the beta state with a lot of events. You can follow us to get the latest news.  


We adjusted and improved the game based on your valuable suggestions:

  • Evaluation system. Every stage will be evaluated with stars. Bonus of star collection will be unlocked in next update.
  • New monsters and facilities. Skills and buffs will be updated latterly.
  • New Old Ones. Shub-Niggurath and Abhoth are added. Hope you can have different experience.
  • Updated tutorial. We are sorry that most of you felt terrible about operation because we didn’t give a clear tutorial. So we designed a simple tutorial stage for better experience. For sure, tutorial will be also updated when adding new elements.
  • Updated game instruction. It can be checked through HELP in settings. Hope new arranged instruction with tags will be helpful.  
  • Improved UI and updated arts to make the game more visually appealing.  

Improved log window. Combat reporter sector was merged into information sector, appeared investigators are pined above the log window so you can check their positions.

l  Added attribute and adaptation for areas. therefore, facility’s function will be affected. Information of attributes and adaptation are not available currently. We encourage you to explore and find how they work in the game.


We will be grateful if you leave comments and suggestions. Also, you can contact us via, see you next update~





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Jul 28, 2017

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